Stormwater Harvesting


What is Stormwater Harvesting?
Oldcastle Precast's Storm Capture Harvesting System is a total stormwater management system. Water harvesting is the collection, storage, cleaning and recycling of stormwater to replace or reduce the consumption of municipal potable water. Harvesting provides a return on investment in stormwater management while meeting regulatory compliance and potentially reducing fees and/or earning incentives.

Why harvest Stormwater?
Recognized as "Green" building practice, it can assist in points towards LEED credits for Sustainable Sites and Water Efficiency as well as being a sustainable building design and Low Impact Development (LID) practice. Lastly, harvesting is good environmental stewardship and may provide higher resale value on the property.
  • Lower your building’s operational expenses by harvesting stormwater and rainwater. Take what is free to offset something you have to buy.
  • Storm Capture can add LEED points for your project, under the U.S. Green Building Council guidelines.
  • Meet Low Impact Development (LID) requirements. The new environmentally friendly development trend is for post-construction runoff volume to be the same or less than predevelopment runoff volume.
  • Protect the environment. Clean, fresh water is a limited natural resource. We have the same amount of water on earth now as when the dinosaurs were here. We need it to live and we use it in the production of many consumable products.

Harvested Stormwater Applications
For commercial office buildings, shopping centers and schools, harvested stormwater can typically be used in over 80% of the potable water usage applications. For hospitals and restaurants, harvested water usage can be in the 3-50% range.

Harvesting system components may include:
  • Primary stormwater filtration and storage
  • Sterilization and stabilization
  • Final filtration and pressurization
  • Controls
Harvested Water Applications may include:
  • Landscape irrigation
  • Toilet flushing
  • Evaporative cooling towers
  • Vehicle washing and other non-potable uses
  • Backup fire protection
Typical System Schematic (click to enlarge)
Oldcastle Precast and Wahaso provide a complete packaged Storm Capture Harvesting System. Our services include:
  • Scoping -gathering information, completing a water analysis to evaluate potential water uses, sources, and most efficient cistern size, and preliminary budgetary cost.
  • Design and Specifications.-develop a detailed system design with drawings and specifications.
  • Fabrication-preassembly and testing of the equipment package on skids prior to shipping to project site.
  • Installation, Testing, & Training-installation manuals and onsite technical assistance are provided to plumbing contractor for system installation. Onsite technical assistance is also available for startup and training.