Stormwater Infiltration


Eliminate the issues created with discharging stormwater offsite by using a Storm Capture exfiltration system to infiltrate stormwater into the soil for natural treatment and to replenish local aquifers.

Low-Impact-Development is a growing trend that involves managing stormwater at the source. Where soils are conducive to the natural infiltration process, Storm Capture exfiltration systems are a great choice. Storm Capture allows maximization of developable land by allowing detention to be placed efficiently and easily under parking lots and roadways with very little cover, as well as in non-traffic areas.

Model SC1
Model SC1
For lower profile applications to 7' tall.
  1. SC1 Module
  2. Overflow Pipe
  3. Inlet Pipe
  4. Geotextile Fabric
  5. Permeable Aggregate Foundation
  6. Native Soil
Model SC2
Model SC2
Clamshell style for maximum storage per SF of surface area. Available to 14’ tall.
  1. SC Link Slab
  2. SC2 Module
  3. Overflow Pipe
  4. Inlet Pipe
  5. Geotextile Fabric
  6. Permeable Aggregate Subgrade
  7. Native Soil
  • Designed for maintenance, not replacement
  • Optional direct module access
  • Open interior
Structurally Superior
  • Vehicular traffic loading design with as little as 6" of earth cover
  • No concrete footing required
  • Designed for HS-20-44 for full truck load plus impact
  • Large storage capacity
  • Not reliant on stone backfill for storage
  • Unique LinkSlab© design reduces concrete
  • Competitive installed and lifetime cost
  • Typically backfilled with existing site materials
  • Large capacity yields smaller footprint
  • Rapid and simple installation