Storm Capture Cisterns provide space-efficient and sustainable long-term storage for harvested rainwater and stormwater.

Structurally efficient precast concrete modules are designed for superior performance. Storm Capture cisterns are available as single modules for small applications, as well as multi-module systems for thousands or hundreds of thousands of gallons of storage.

System Features
  • Designed for installation under vehicular traffic (HS-20) such as roads and parking lots
  • Maximum storage volume with minimal footprint
  • Available in heights from 2' to 14' to best fit site conditions
  • Designed to be accessible for maintenance
  • Large capacity and easy to install modules provide for rapid installation
  • Manufactured locally and can contribute to LEED points
  • Construction site friendly
  • Backfilled with existing site materials (no imported backfill required)
Cistern Model SC
Model SC
For lower profile applications to 7' tall.
  1. SC Module TOP - to 7' Tall
  2. Inlet Pipe
  3. Outlet Pipe
  4. SC Module Bottom - to 7' Tall
  5. Native Soil Subgrade
  • Designed for maintenance, not replacement
  • Optional direct module access
  • Open interior
Structurally Superior
  • Vehicular traffic loading design with as little as 6" of earth cover
  • No concrete footing required
  • Designed for HS-20-44 for full truck load plus impact
  • Large storage capacity
  • Not reliant on stone backfill for storage
  • Unique LinkSlab© design reduces concrete
  • Competitive installed and lifetime cost
  • Typically backfilled with existing site materials
  • Large capacity yields smaller footprint
  • Rapid and simple installation